Lost in Deep Submissive Lust

Here’s another thoughtful review from a recent toy of Mine. Enjoy!

I came to see Miss Victoria Cayne for a fairly standard three-hour session under her excellent Covid-19 protocol, involving a broad repertoire of her very kinky offerings. Everything from erotic to impact was on the agenda. I was wanting to simply get my submissive fix after months of social isolation, nothing had prepared me for what was to unfold that day.   

First, Miss Victoria Cayne is a stunningly beautiful celestial goddess. I was straightaway absorbed by her long fire-red silky hair which cascaded luxuriously over her shoulders and by her startling eyes of hazel and honey. I loved how she insisted on making eye contact, though at times, her beautiful eyes shone like sunlight to leave me blinded by her intense beauty. 

She was strict and inviting, and in a matter of minutes I found myself consumed by her oozing sexuality and cultivating demeanor, lost in deep submissive lust, yearning for her touch, and captivated by her playful voice and laughter. Her gift of sensuality and attentiveness led her to uncover my innermost visceral instincts only to insatiably feed off the sexual hunger she so skillfully bred in me.      

Miss Victoria Cayne has solved the intricate perplexity of delivering a thoughtfully paced and soul-soothing experience while at the same time engineering an insanely intense session – hands down one of the most holistic D/s experience I ever had (and I had many sessions over the years with brand name pro dommes).  

But most importantly, as I began to relive the unparalleled sensation of feeling as if I truly was her most prized possession, I left the session feeling treasured and inspired. 

If you are serious about pursuing a D/s session, run (or better quickly crawl) to serve Miss Victoria Cayne, a gorgeous down-to-earth Dominatrix with the keys to heaven. 

Now accepting sessions in Westchester County

I am pleased to announce that in addition to continuing to take appointments at my play space in the Philadelphia area, I am also taking appointments in Westchester County (New York area).  Logistically, this will allow those in this area, as well as Connecticut, to come and serve yours truly. Just to clarify, I am not leaving Philadelphia! I am however, now available in another location, which is Westchester County. I will not have a space there, but I will have all my gear, which is more than enough…

Since the world was put on pause, I have had to put a hiatus to my jet-setting ways, and have maintained residences in close stance logistically to both places, so I may as well take advantage of you… I mean it! 😉

I don’t have a set schedule in either place, so as always you will need to adequately plan in advance.