More Fun with J

This dear toy of Mine has been serving Me for many months. He strives to be the best toy for Me he can possibly be, in and out of scene. His devotion to Me is exquisite and deeply treasured. Each and every time, I make sure his bottom matches his equally rosy cheeks, which I manifest by erotically embarrassing him… thank you, J!

Before I begin my praise of Miss Victoria Cayne’s beauty and skills in discipline, I want to thank her for her recommendation of Wreck n Roll’s beard oil. I purchased Public Enemy No. 1 Beard Oil based upon her comments on Twitter. I only needed to see that it “excites and pleases” her and I was placing my order. Miss Victoria Cayne’s taste is impeccable! This product is of very high quality. Smooth, fragrant and comfortable to apply. It contains vitamins to soothe the skin and a tobacco fragrance to lend a masculine scent among the traces of almond and avocado oils.

I am enthralled with Miss Victoria Cayne. I’m anticipating some well deserved discipline from her in a few weeks in Boston. My past sessions with her have instilled in me a sense of awe in her ability to inflict pain and discipline with a caring follow-up. Her spankings are thrilling and punishing. My bottom, under her firm hand, is reddened and stinging. She orders me into a very submissive position when inspecting me and preparing me. I have never felt so vulnerable as I do at that time. Embarrassed, exposed, lying still while awaiting her is an experience that I look forward to with timid and excited anticipation. My surrender to her is exquisite. I know that in my upcoming session, my lack of consideration in the past will be dealt with severely and it is my need to accept it and embrace this act of corrective behavior before moving on as a humbled submissive devoted to her. I hope to emerge from her discipline and pleasure in exposing me completely as a better person and client of hers. Pain and humility lead to respect under proper tutelage and I recognize my good fortune in being allowed to be taught and reformed by Miss Victoria Cayne.

Roleplay with J

I have been playing with J, for many months now, and although I have pushed them very far in many directions, this was the first time we opted for a role play…it continues below…

Be careful what you wish for 😉 Thank you so much for the fun time always, J.

“The door creaked open, and I heard the shoes march in before I could do anything.  Sure enough, her biting words rang out; “Oh my God, what are you doing?!”

“N-nothing” I say, frantically trying to put my hard cock back in my pants, while pausing the porn video I had up on my computer screen.  The secretary had walked in on me at the worst possible time.

“That doesn’t look like nothing,” she said to me harshly.  And then, to my dismay, she moved forward, seizing control of the situation.  Confidently, aggressively, she demanded “Show me what you’re watching.”  Despite my racing heartbeat, there was no escaping things now.  She was right by my side, leaning over me to see the screen.  She saw the video there, with a dominant woman bending her submissive over.  My face turned beet red with embarrassment, and I begged her not to tell anyone else in the office what she had seen.  She knew – she now held the power.

Her words bit into me again, resonating deep within me, causing me to tremble with fear, humiliation and arousal: “If you want me to keep quiet, then we’re going to do this my way.  You’re going to tell me all your fantasies, and I’m going to use them against you.  Now, strip!”

With no other option but to obey, my clothes were off and I was there to serve Miss Victoria, praying that I would perform well enough that she wouldn’t turn me in to my boss.  I revealed my fantasies. And true to her word, each of these became reality.  Miss Victoria discovered my stash of sissy clothes in my bag and made me dress for her.  She bent me over the desk and punished me, repeatedly spanking me.  My ass cheeks turned red while she forced me to watch more of the porn video and describe what I liked about it.  As words tumbled out of my mouth, Miss Victoria’s hold on me grew stronger, giving her still more information to hold over my head, to humiliate me, and make me do as she wished.

Next, she moved me to the bed, restraining me and locking me into place.  After further punishment strokes, I was allowed to rub and massage Miss Victoria’s feet. I was there to serve her needs, even the most basic ones.  Still restrained and in place with no way to escape, she towered over me. My mind tried and failed to comprehend the emotions that coursed through me as I lay there.  Subject to this demeaning and humiliating act, yet paradoxically feeling honored, privileged, even blessed to serve in this way.

The verdict was in: Miss Victoria informed me that I had performed well – that she would not tell anyone about what she had seen me doing on company time.  As I floated in and out of subspace, she told me this was now our ritual.  By day we could go through the motions of boss and secretary.  By night though, I would kneel before her.  I had become her toy, her submissive, her slut.”

Cocksucking 101

Happy New Year! Enjoy what one of My latest toys had to say. Cocksucking 101 classes may be available to those who deserve it ;).  Enjoy!

“I visited Miss Victoria Cayne on her latest trip to Boston.  It was my first time visiting her.  I have a few long standing kinks that I have wanted to explore. By chance, I came across her on Twitter while seeking someone close to me.  There seemed to be a confidence and dominance about her.  She also appeared intelligent and was clearly very sexy and beautiful.  I noticed right away that she had her own web page so I took a look. When I realized she was open to many different kinks, including my own, I knew I had to meet her!  She was very professional on contact; no nonsense and to the point but also very welcoming.  I would be lucky enough to meet her in just under two weeks.  I could hardly wait for the days to pass.

When the day arrived, I drove about an hour to see her.  Prior to my drive, we had a discussion on safe words etc.  I told her that I was verbally consenting to her on the phone and I wanted to experience real domination.  I trusted her, felt she had very good judgement and knew that by simply giving in I would have a much more enjoyable experience. I was very excited and nervous.  In the past I have occasionally had pro Domme sessions on and off but really only felt truly submissive with one other Mistress. As I approached Boston, I texted her to let her know of my ETA. Shortly later, I received a response which made my dick twitch in my pants. She certainly had a way with words and this was all suddenly very real!  Soon enough I was meeting her face to face and she was exactly what I had hoped.  Meeting a new Femdom for the first time is always very exciting because of the unknowns.  

I was taken into a room and immediately told to strip.  I was right in my hopes.  She had a dominance about her, took control of the situation immediately and I went into subspace from almost the moment of meeting her.  Of course, being in front of a sexy clad dominant woman can do that.  I had little idea what to expect during our time together.  I think she prefers to keep things spontaneous and to herself.  This made for a great experience.  

I think I will leave any session details for her to disclose but I will say this; If she straps on a dildo and puts it in your face she means business. There is no cocksucking 101 class with Miss Victoria.  She had no idea whether I had ever put a dildo in my mouth but I don’t think she cared.  In short order I found her toy stuffed fully down my throat and my nose pushed up against her waist.  I was gagging and sucking the best I could and I could hear her laughing in the background. She laughed and commented how my eyes were all watering and tearing up.  The rest of the session wasn’t much different in way of her control.  I loved it.

I will definitely be contacting her again in the future.  My experience with her was one of the best I have had.”


slave a and I recently commemorated two years since Our/our first session! I wanted to share some of his thoughts below:

A short while ago, MVC and I celebrated Our/our two-year “slave-a-versary”. Reflecting on the two years since We/we first met, I was reminded how grateful I am to be Her slave. I feel like I’ve run out of superlatives and accolades to describe what an incredible Mistress MVC is. Each and every boundary-pushing session has been more thrilling, hot, and mind-blowing than the last.

To serve MVC is to feel purpose. To stare into Her beautiful eyes is to be known. To be beneath Her is to know peace.

The tortured anticipation of waiting for Our/our session was almost too much to bear; The knots in my stomach, the sleepless nights, and the erotic charge of longing to serve again. I even felt forced to lock myself back into chastity a few days before We/we played—not trusting my basest of instincts—and wanting to ensure I arrived at the dungeon in as a helpless, submissive frenzy as I could. As I heard the familiar click of the lock and felt the confining snugness of the steel cage, I realized I had been on borrowed time. “This is where I belong,” as MVC would say.

The session was of course incredible! A brilliantly orchestrated barrage of impact play and scratching, electrics, heavy bondage, foot worship, and overall total domination—all perfectly executed as only MVC can.

In a recent tweet, MVC described a photo of the marks left on a sub as how She paints. It’s an appropriate sentiment that only deepens the more consideration is given. Not only do the marks reveal themselves to be art through the simple visual contrast against the skin—but the entire process in how they are rendered is nothing short of art.

Like the greatest artisan, MVC, is capable of eliciting the desired results using Her tools and me, Her canvas. Having played dozens of times now, She knows not only the limits of pain I can take mentally—but the exact amount of pressure and force required to leave her imprint upon me without drawing blood. The result is art, as is the process. A beautiful power exchange between Mistress & sub.

I am so honored to be Hers.

My True Boston Slut

My true Boston slut…he has evolved from being My toy, to completely being My slut. Used, owned, Mine. My “slut” has played with many well renowned Mistresses, who have led him down this special hole. However, it has taken yours truly, to exploit, twist, and morph him into My creation. Slut, to me, encompasses the urge to completely surrender and succumb to their Owner. Moment by moment, breath by breath, their needs become My desires. That is the transformation I exploit, I create, and I nurture. He is now Mine. My slut. Please read below:

A session with the truly creative Mistress Victoria Cayne always has the feeling of being subtly led into a new level of kink and submission. Every now and then there’s absolutely nothing subtle about it.

My most recent session started as usual; with late in the day directions to arrive with MVC’s cock and balls bound and nipples clamped. It’s great to mentally start a session a few hours early but it can lead to not properly satisfying MVC. This time, the binding wasn’t up to MVC’s standards so things ended up extra tight and with a bit of dangling cord. I was unable to find any suitable nipple clamps on short notice so Mistress pulled out a special purchase…a set of four pronged clamps designed to stay in place while various types of other clamps are used on the now increasingly sensitive exposed tips. It was clear nipple torment was high on her list and even though those little clamps eventually came loose (which of course means they will be tighter the next time) MVC was undeterred. She introduced a very intimate and erotic NT scene complete with a long countdown before she moved to the next phase…which found me bound with my face in a pillow and completely exposed to a set of electrics. It was also clear why MVC lead cords dangling from her cock and balls. She tied them off and then had me push and pull against her. Every movement resulted in a wave of conflicting sensations as the electrics pulsed, the cords tightened and MVC whispered, “who’s bitch are you now?” This went on until MVC had me begging, less for what I may have wanted but more of what else would please her.

Days later, reflecting back on this wild ride of a session:
Nipples sore………check
Cock sore…………..check
Mind blown……….check
MVC’s bitch……….check

Bound & Helpless

Kneeling on the dungeon floor, collared, and locked, Our/our session began with the privilege of kissing Miss Victoria Cayne’s thigh high boots. It was the perfect start to a perfect session as time slowed and any thoughts of the outside world were abandoned. My entire focus rightfully devoted to MVC.

Once it was clear that I firmly knew my place, MVC led me by the leash to the bondage table. Mistress’s new custom leather arm and leg binders had just arrived in the mail, and I was going to get to be the lucky test subject for their first use.

Sprawled across the table, the scent of new leather gear in the air, Mistress secured my arms and legs in the series of concentric cuffs. The red accents of the gear matching the collar She’d selected for me during a trip to San Francisco nearly a year ago.

Content that I was entrapped to Her satisfaction, my chastity cage was removed. I had been locked for over a month–but instead of being able to enjoy this respite–I was blindfolded and gagged. My world consisting only of the sounds of the elaborate rope bondage being added to further secure the arm and legbinders already on me.

A master of devising sweetly sadistic predicaments, an electric probe was added to keep me on edge. MVC was then free to sit back, relax, and shove Her sweaty feet into my gagged and blind face.

Soon I was worked into a complete submissive frenzy; shaking, and quivering in frustration. Time slipped away with the minutes seeming to both rush by and languish endlessly all at once.

Each and every encounter somehow redefines the meaning of the word “helpless” in MVC’s presence. A sensory deprivation machine was swapped out with the blindfold filling my head with blasts of light and disorienting patterns of sound.

Finally, after endless teasing and denial: I was granted release following a countdown. I lay helplessly bound on the table, entirely spent physically and emotionally, as I drifted down from the ceiling.

Fun with J in Boston

This is a brief recap of some fun that was had a couple months ago in Boston, with a sub I have developed a deep connection with. This toy had previously served different Mistresses, and upon our first meeting everything instantly clicked. My how far we have come! Thank you for everything, My dear Boston J. I can’t wait to continue further and deeper down this path. Chemistry is such a beautiful thing.

Without further ado, as told by my dear sub, slut, toy, J:

While I wasn’t scheduled to see Miss Victoria until the evening, the process of preparing began much earlier.  I could feel the nerves start at the beginning of the day, and the anticipation building as each hour dragged along.  The chastity device I had locked into place seemed to grow tighter as the day passed.  For a final touch, a butt plug was added mid-afternoon so that my ‘pussy’ would be nicely stretched out.  While I have used these toys before, I had never shown up to a session already locked and plugged.  
Finally, the time to meet arrived.  Feeling nervous and jumpy, I was led into her room and ordered to get rid of my clothes.  I confessed my nerves, which she appreciated knowing as we began.  Still, she immediately investigated my chastity device, wondering how my clitty was doing after being locked up.  
The next half hour was a delicious descent into femininity.  All my male clothing was set aside, and I was gradually dressed and made up to be Miss Victoria’s slut.  A pink satin corset trimmed with black lace.  Sheer black stockings clipped onto the matching garter.  Black ruffle panties framed my ass.  Four inch heels added to my feet.  Foundation and blush, eyeliner and mascara, bright red lipstick too.  A wig to top it off in a cute bob cut.  The final item – breast forms to fill out that corset and add some cleavage.
Miss Victoria hooked a chain to my chastity device and led me to the mirror to see for myself – I was now her transformed slut, ready to serve her in the way she saw fit.  Ordered to my knees, a blindfold was added, and I had to wait for what came next.  A few jingling sounds kept my mind racing until the surprise was pushing into my mouth.  Miss Victoria told me she would face-fuck me hard, just the way she wanted.  Indeed, she had me gulping down her cock until I felt the balls slapping against my painted lips. 
Next, it was time for some fun and games.  Miss Victoria presented me with five small pieces of paper, numbered one through five, each with their own activity lying in wait on the other side.  “Number four” I said with some trepidation.  “200 spankings” Miss Victoria read, with some glee in her voice.  I was quickly put over her knee, and told to count.  Knowing this would push me though, she dealt them out in batches, allowing me to catch my breath when the pain began to build.
I was never put in bondage once the entire evening, and yet Miss Victoria’s hold on me may be stronger than any ropes or cuffs around.  As I lay there for a few minutes coming back to my senses, I knew: this is where I belonged.  And I also knew: I would be back again…

How Time Flies! (Part II)

Here’s another “blast from the past” review from John J:

I was dressed in pink panties and a pink bra. While on all fours, my balls were tied up tight with rope and pulled back under my legs up toward my ass to eliminate any unsightly bulge in my panties. The end of the rope was also pulled back and was laid across my back then over my head.

Miss Victoria positioned herself and her cock in front of my face. I then began sucking her strap-on, which was continually shoved down my throat past the point of choking. I was gagging and there were a number of times when the gag reflex was so strong that I almost vomited. Miss Victoria seems to relish any sound that might reflect pain, humiliation or discomfort, and this time was not any different. My gagging was usually accompanied by a little chuckle as Miss Victoria voiced her amusement at my predicament.

As I sucked, Mistress Victoria grabbed and pulled the end of the rope tightly, forcing my balls to stretch further up my ass cheeks. This in turn forced my body and head forward, which also forced the dildo further down my throat. The rope trick, accompanied by a firm hand on the back of my head made for an intense strap-on sucking session. My eyes were tearing up from the gagging and choking, but I was in heaven.

Miss Victoria has a great body (and I am picky), and I really enjoyed the sight of her firm and creamy inner thigh where skin met the satin of her stocking, then down to just below her knee where her black leather boots began. I focused on this visual as the dildo hit the back of my throat. It was my salvation, and I was deep under her spell.

As I lay there feeling tingly and content, I heard Miss Victoria moving about. I could hear pieces of furniture being moved around. Finally my blindfold was removed. I turned my head and saw that she had pieced together the mechanism of my next torture. I saw a horse of some sort that sat very low to the floor. There was a narrow pad at a higher level, with two other narrow pads beneath it and to either side (much like a boat with two outriggers). This device was positioned adjacent to a side wall, up against a vertical piece of wood that ran up the same wall. Secured to this piece of wood via a suction cup at the end of it, was a very large dildo placed at knee level. I was led to the horse, which I straddled. My knees rested on the two lower pads. Behind me was Miss Victoria, and in front of me was a large dildo secured to the wall, extending out into the room. It was long, and its length caused it to droop just a bit as its tip hovered near my lips.

I was told to get the dildo in my mouth. I inched my knees forward, and as I did so, the dildo began filling my mouth.  Gentle pushing became forceful shoving. The dildo was going further and further in my mouth. The more it went down my throat, the closer my head got to the piece of wood that ran up the wall.  It was extremely humiliating and I loved it. Miss Victoria seemed to be enjoying it as well. As my head banged into the piece of wood, I felt extremely submissive, and truth be told, I probably would have let Miss Victoria do whatever she wanted to me at that point without question. Even retelling the story makes me feel so submissive that I just want to go to her right now and kneel in front of her while she slaps my face back and forth repeatedly.

I knew that was where I belonged at that very moment.

How Time Flies!

This review came back around and it is from 2005! This is the first of many reviews with this heavy player, and I figured I would share. It is crazy how quickly time flies when you do something you love.

Enjoy and thank you John J!

As I walked through the door, a very attractive and very fit woman greeted me with a punch to my balls. She followed this up by hurling a wad of spit upon my face. I had asked Miss Victoria Cayne to degrade me, and that was exactly what she was going to do. I was naked before I even left the front hallway, then found myself crawling like a crab down a flight of stairs while spit rolled down the bridge of my nose into my eyes.

I soon found myself lying on my back looking up at Miss Cayne, who was about to light a cigarette. It was at that point that I first laid eyes on the soles of her boots, and especially the heels. They were not just dirty. They were an awful mess. The heels were literally encased in a thick layer of dried up dirt and mud, and I knew that my mouth would soon be sucking away at them. I told her that boot cleaning was an interest when we exchanged e-mail, but I had never dreamed of this sort of filth. 

Before I could fully contemplate what was about to happen, Miss Cayne ordered me to start cleaning her muddy boots with my tongue. I hesitated, not really sure if I was up to the task. This hesitation earned me a multitude of hard slaps to the balls. Not wanting the slaps to continue, I knew I had no choice – so I wrapped my mouth around her heels and started sucking. It was disgusting and awful, and of course, I had an erection. I could feel the dirt crunching between my back molars, like when you eat sandy clams. 

I continued to clean her boots, stopping only to swallow her ashes, or her spit. After she was satisfied, she went and strapped on a dildo. A rather large one I might add. It was time for me to suck her off, and she was brutal. I could barely manage to get it all down my throat, but that wasn’t enough for her. As I sucked down to the hilt, already choking, she grabbed the back of my head firmly and shoved the dildo even further down my throat. Further than I thought possible in fact. I was gagging, and came close to vomiting each time she shoved my head down the shaft. My nose was running all over the place, my eyes were tearing, and I was hoping that she would quickly tire of this game. 

Instead, she told me that I had to swallow the entire dildo 20 times. When I got to 5, I was already in serious discomfort. She was continually shoving my head down, further than it wanted to go. When my gag reflex kicked in (and it did each and every time), she would simply push harder, and wouldn’t let my head retreat. My head would remain impaled on the dildo. I was a slobbering mess. Mucous was pouring out of my nose and down my chin. My throat was sore from the dildo being shoved down it like a battering ram. Somehow I got through the 20, with the last few being very intense as she used even more force than she had before. As I saw the dildo being put away, I was quite relieved. However, I would soon find out that the worst had yet to come.

When Miss Cayne re-appeared, she had a small plastic container. When I found out what was in the container, I was horrified and dejected. More dirt. Apparently, she had a slave sweep up her dungeon, and instead of dumping the mess into a garbage pail, it was all in this small plastic container. Apparently I was to become the garbage pail. Miss Cayne opened the container and started spreading the dirt and dust across the floor. I was then told to lie on my back. I was nervous, and to be quite honest, not looking forward to what was to come.

Miss Cayne started rubbing the soles of her boots in the pile of dirt, then walked over to me and sat down. The boots were hovering over my face, and the sight of the soles was horrible. They were a mess of dirt, dust, hair and god knows what. The thought that I was going to be cleaning them off and ingesting all that was beginning to turn my stomach, and I was close to using my safe word. However, I didn’t want to disappoint her. When she told me to clean them, I again hesitated. Instead of slaps, I got a few knees to the balls. I soon found myself lapping the bottom of those disgusting boots.

My tongue was lit up with the taste of salt. Just as I began methodically cleaning the soles, hoping to scoop much of the dirt off while swallowing as little of it as possible, she told me I had 10 seconds left to get her left sole spotless. I picked up the pace, but her sole was still dirty after the count of 10. She allowed me a little extra time, and I thought they would be clean to her satisfaction. As I looked up for her reaction, the inside of my mouth covered with a sheet of filth, she calmly told me that while I did an OK job, I had taken more than 10 seconds. Therefore we would have to start over again. 

Miss Cayne once again walked over and rubbed the bottom of the same boot sole into the pile of dirt. She walked back to me, once again sat down on the bench, and positioned her left boot over my face. I wanted to run and hide at the sight of it. My saliva had acted like a coat of glue, and the sole of her boot now had even more dirt on it than before. The safe word crept even closer. I wanted to say it, but I also wanted to prove myself to her. I didn’t know what to do. Before I could figure it out, she started gently rubbing the bottom of her sole on my lips, then firmly said “10 seconds” . I decided that if I was going to go for it, I might as well get it done so I wouldn’t have to start over again. 

So I licked like I had never licked before, my mouth piling up with disgusting filth. She appreciated the effort, and I got most of the dirt off. I was hoping that she would take pity on me after that. Most Mistresses I have seen in the past certainly would have. After all, I had eaten more dirt and mud than I probably had in all my sessions in the past combined. Surely I was done for the day. As I contemplated my fate, I heard the words “10 seconds” and was presented with her other boot. Again, I didn’t want to have to clean it twice, so I licked with all the fervor I could muster. My entire mouth was layered with a grit and grime. 

When I finished, she forced my head up and ordered me to look in the mirror. It looked like there was a black hole in the middle of my face. My cheeks, lips and tongue were pure black, covered with soil and gunk. It was a shocking sight. I was both aghast and amazed at what this woman had turned me into. I had crossed a line. In the past, I had licked some dirt, but never like this. I was truly Miss Cayne’s garbage pail. And the most frightening thing was the fact that she seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

This was one of those sessions that I enjoyed more after the fact. I was truly disgusted when I left her dungeon, but I get excited when I think about it now. Usually I don’t go back to see a Mistress when I have these types of experiences, because I don’t want to repeat it. While that is essentially true in this case, I really can’t wait to go back and see Miss Cayne. I have different types of sessions I would like to explore, and I think she would be great to explore with. We talked after the session, and I found her to be a great, down-to-earth person. I am already dreaming up new scenarios for when I go back. One thing is for sure. I am done eating dirt for a while. Maybe a softer and more sensual slut training session is in order!

Birthday Spankings

A recap of My recent birthday session with slave a:

Collared, naked, and locked-up in chastity: I eagerly awaited MVC to descend the stairs into the dungeon; waiting on my knees; my head lowered until commanded otherwise.

Those moments of anticipation have grown to become some of my favorite. Over time, I’ve found that’s all it takes for me to begin drifting into sub space. A triggered response to being in the presence of my Owner—like Pavlov’s helpless puppy.

Mistress descended looking absolutely stunning as always in Her tall leather boots and new catsuit. I was commanded to worship Misress’s boots and was careful to follow Her every command as I made my way from the toe box across the vamp to the heel and up the shaft of each one.

The next part of the scene entailed being meticulously bound, hooded, and standing against a padded wall of the dungeon. Mistress describes Her play-style as sweetly sadistic—and I can think of no better description. Even as She expertly applied and controlled electrodes to my most vulnerable parts and set the electrical current to newly painful heights, MVC was always checking-in to make sure I wasn’t feeling lightheaded or faint and that I felt safe in the web of rope, chain, and leather She had masterfully ensnared me in. The fact that I could feel so safe and as at ease (akin to putty to be molded however She wished) and in complete agony at the same time from the tortures She was inflicting is a testament to how skilled and capable MVC is as a Domme in composing and executing a mind-blowing session.

With MVC’s birthday days away, I was next secured to the spanking bench for corporal torments for Her amusement and pleasure. I’d be receiving Her birthday spankings and even a few dreaded strokes of the cane—Her name is Miss Victoria CAYNE for a reason after all! All this culminated with MVC scratching Her initials into my back. I’m not into pain, but I take it for MVC. It feels like a true act of submission that I can offer Her: something I fear and dislike, but brings MVC joy. And as much agony as I was in, as Mistress administered Her spanks, strokes, and scratches: I found it all worth it just to have my head caressed and told I did a good job.

Each session is better than the last; each an encounter a chance to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole!