Now accepting sessions in Westchester County

I am pleased to announce that in addition to continuing to take appointments at my play space in the Philadelphia area, I am also taking appointments in Westchester County (New York area).  Logistically, this will allow those in this area, as well as Connecticut, to come and serve yours truly. Just to clarify, I am not leaving Philadelphia! I am however, now available in another location, which is Westchester County. I will not have a space there, but I will have all my gear, which is more than enough…

Since the world was put on pause, I have had to put a hiatus to my jet-setting ways, and have maintained residences in close stance logistically to both places, so I may as well take advantage of you… I mean it! 😉

I don’t have a set schedule in either place, so as always you will need to adequately plan in advance.