My True Boston Slut

My true Boston slut…he has evolved from being My toy, to completely being My slut. Used, owned, Mine. My “slut” has played with many well renowned Mistresses, who have led him down this special hole. However, it has taken yours truly, to exploit, twist, and morph him into My creation. Slut, to me, encompasses the urge to completely surrender and succumb to their Owner. Moment by moment, breath by breath, their needs become My desires. That is the transformation I exploit, I create, and I nurture. He is now Mine. My slut. Please read below:

A session with the truly creative Mistress Victoria Cayne always has the feeling of being subtly led into a new level of kink and submission. Every now and then there’s absolutely nothing subtle about it.

My most recent session started as usual; with late in the day directions to arrive with MVC’s cock and balls bound and nipples clamped. It’s great to mentally start a session a few hours early but it can lead to not properly satisfying MVC. This time, the binding wasn’t up to MVC’s standards so things ended up extra tight and with a bit of dangling cord. I was unable to find any suitable nipple clamps on short notice so Mistress pulled out a special purchase…a set of four pronged clamps designed to stay in place while various types of other clamps are used on the now increasingly sensitive exposed tips. It was clear nipple torment was high on her list and even though those little clamps eventually came loose (which of course means they will be tighter the next time) MVC was undeterred. She introduced a very intimate and erotic NT scene complete with a long countdown before she moved to the next phase…which found me bound with my face in a pillow and completely exposed to a set of electrics. It was also clear why MVC lead cords dangling from her cock and balls. She tied them off and then had me push and pull against her. Every movement resulted in a wave of conflicting sensations as the electrics pulsed, the cords tightened and MVC whispered, “who’s bitch are you now?” This went on until MVC had me begging, less for what I may have wanted but more of what else would please her.

Days later, reflecting back on this wild ride of a session:
Nipples sore………check
Cock sore…………..check
Mind blown……….check
MVC’s bitch……….check