New Review–Max Fisch

This was quite a fun session and I was glad to be able to read it from slave alan’s perspective! Here is the text: i had a second session with Mistress Victoria because the first time went so well. Last time, it was 2 hours, this time, it went 3. i took off most of […]

Post workout worship….

Look at my muscles….post workout foot worship. Inhale my scents, slave… calves, my muscles, and My feet….how helpless they made this toy…. T

In slave joe’s words…part one…

Eight years ago i decided i wanted to expand my horizons by doing different things.  You only live once after all, and i was nearing 40.  i decided one of the things i wanted to do was a bondage scene, and not a light one.  So i went on the Internet to find a Mistress […]